10 Cute Puppies That Look Just Like Teddy Bears

As if man’s best friend isn’t enough, some puppies transcend the animal kingdom’s conventions and classifications, breaking into a whole new tier of adorable.But sometimes they don’t look like dogs at all! In fact, some chubby puppies are being misidentified as sweet and cuddly teddy bears.

Some of the “puppies” on this list might not even be canine at all. Some people believe bears have been sneaking out of the woods and imitating dogs to get lots of free treats and love.

Get ready for some serious cuteness overload… if this list of puppies doesn’t make you want your very own canine teddy bear I don’t know what will!

A Samoyed puppy with more of a polar bear look.


A Poodle puppy and teddy bear. They could be twins!Who’s Who?

Look At All That Fluff!



This black Chow Chow puppy looks a lot like a black bear.


Somebody Brought This Bear Into Doggie Day Care


10 Week Old Eurasier Puppy That Looks Like A Teddybear


Bear Cub Finds A Swing


Panda Who?


This Keeshond mixed with an American Eskimo is so cute!


A Caucasian Ovcharka ressembles a bear in size!