19-year-old Ishwor Ghimire evacuated 55 children during Nepal Earthquake



This is Ishwor Ghimire, and he’s been hailed as a hero, after saving 55 Orphans during the devastating earthquake in Nepal.Just before the earthquake struck , he was having lunch at the Nepal Deprived Women and Children Upliftment Center orphanage in Kathmandu. But as the earthquake began, 19-year-old Ghimire immediately sprung to action.”All the kids were so panic[ked] and started screaming and crying,” Ghimire told Mic. “I asked everybody to get out from the building.”He carried some kids outside to safety. All of the children, ranging in age from four to 16, survived, but the building is unusable because it’s in danger of collapse.


Now, they’re doing what they can for themselves.Ghimire and the orphanage operator, Mother Rajan, constructed a small, plastic tent as temporary shelter in a nearby garden.