25 Awesome Ways to Reuse Bread Tags

What do you do with those bread tags when you’re done with the loaf?Throw them out? If you’re not saving them, I don’t blame you. You either ignore their existence or toss them in the trash without a second thought. But those little tags are actually way more useful than you could ever have imagined.

You can use them as paper clips, holding hair buckles and key tags or easily make lamp shades, accessories or even a wedding dress! Here are 25 fun, useful ways to reuse them so that they find a more permanent place in your home!

1.Mark the end of a piece of tape

Avoid the frustration of finding the end of a roll of tape by attaching a bread tag there instead.




Never lose your place in a book or magazine again.


3.Jewelry :Bread Tag Earring  or Necklace or Charm Bracelet







3.Power cord labels

Label wires and cords with old bread tags ensure that you never unplug the wrong gadget.


4.Earbud holder

Wind your earbuds neatly around a bread tag so they don’t get all tangled in your bag or pocket.


 5.Mark keys

Write what the key opens onto the bread tag and then use it as a key ring.


6.Spool for threads or other crafty stuff.


7.Organize rubber bands and hair ties

Loop rubber bands and hair ties into the bread tag to keep them from tangling into each other.




8.Wine glass charms

Never mix up wine glasses again.


9.Decorate them for special occasions and holidays.

Using markers, this creative person made cute closures for bags of Halloween goodies!




10.Great math manipulatives for kids

Put Numbers on and use for a counting game for kids.  Add them, subtract them, use them as counters… so many possibilities!

This would be a perfect activity to do with your kids.  Talking about teaching them how to recycle and do the math all at the same time!  Isn’t it amazing? :)

Counting frame abacus


11.Morning reminders

Use bread tags to make morning reminders you’ll see before you leave the driveway. This one is telling me to take out the trash.


12.Cool piece of art

Totally a conversation starter when you have guests in the house.






13.”Coupons” For Your Children

Firstly, you can use your creativity to make up plastic bread clip to make it more beautiful and colorful. Then, you can gift it to your children to encourage them to work hard in academic. When they collect the plastic bread clips (coupons) until a certain number, you can buy their favorite things for them as their rewards. Your children will definitely ebulliently.


14.Guitar picks

Hold the bread tag on the notched end and strum away with the other for an easy guitar pick substitute.


15.Hold socks together whether in the wash or in the drawers.


16.Flip Flop Secure Fastener

Keep flip flops from breaking (pulling through the shoe) by attaching a bread tag underneath. Genius!


 17.Wedding Dress

OK, chances are that you aren’t going to save your bread clips to create your wedding dress, but you could! That’s exactly what one woman did. The fact that it can be done should be inspiring and help you to realize that with a bit of imagination, there are a lot more uses for the bread tag than you have probably considered.


create (1)

18.Knitting Stitch Marker

 If you are knitting and you need to mark stitches in order to keep the pattern you’re creating straight, a bread tag can be a useful ally in the project. Simply slip the bread clip onto the needle to mark your place in the project so you don’t accidentally miscount stitches.

 18.Paper Clip Organizer

create (3)

If you have a few paper clips that are randomly floating around in the bottom of your desk drawer, there is an easy and effective way to keep them together in one place so it’s easy to find them when you need one. Simply use a plastic bread clip as an organizer to keep them all together. Clip them on and off as you need.

19.Decorations to card for all occasions.




Bread tags are hard plastic and have a good edge on them. That’s why they work really well as scrapers. They’re especially good for getting into corners, nooks, and crannies that are too small for larger scrapers. Use bread tag mini scrapers to remove baked on food in the corners of baking pans.


21.Cute little monsters

This is a fun activity to bond with your kids.  All you need are some coloring materials, glue, and eyeballs. Role-playing and story-telling will never be the same using these cute little monsters. With a piece of string, you can also create a monster garland to showcase all of them. You can also use this as a game board piece so playing with your kids is a new experience each day.

Crafts by Amanda gives you a whole tutorial.



Imagine doing this with different colors.  It will totally transform your room to a different level bursting with a variety of colors.


23.Garden label

To keep track of your plants, hook labeled bread tags onto the side of the planter or right over a branch or stem.


24.Plastic Bag Tie

Reuse to seal other food stuffs.
create (4)

25.Tape bread tags to the edge of your desk to keep cords and wires in place when they’re not in use.