37-year-old Princess Kate Won A New Title

Princess Kate and Prince William have been married for 8 years. She gave birth to three lovely heirs to the British royal family, ranking third, fourth and fifth respectively in the succession order of the throne. The little George Prince was identified as the future king of England. Princess Kate is his mother, and his education for the eldest son is paid more attention. The little Princess Charlotte has just finished her 4th birthday. According to insiders at Kensington Palace, she is a lively princess. Princess Kate not only harvested a happy family, but also recognized the approval of Queen Elizabeth.


On May 5th, local time, the British media reported the new title of Princess Kate. She is no longer just the Duchess of the British royal family, and the new title of Princess Kate once again proves the importance of her royal role. On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of Princess Kate and Prince William, in honor of this granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth specially awarded the Royal Cross of the Royal Victorian Medal of King Kate, which is the honor of the Duchess of Cambridge.

At the same time, this honor of Princess Kate added a new royal title to her. The Queen of Queen Elizabeth II awarded this medal to Kate, which dates back to 1896. It has five levels, from member to knight. The highest level is Dame grand cross, which is only discretionary for the Queen and is not subject to British royal law.

Princess Kate married into the British royal family for 8 years. After her love with Prince William, she has been appearing as a girlfriend of the future Crown Prince. For more than ten years of hard work, Queen Elizabeth has seen it. Kate Middleton always maintains the image of the British royal family and is known for his gentle and dignified image of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Queen Elizabeth’s new reward to Kate means that the title of Princess Kate will be named after her, referred to as gcvo, and will wear a blue belt in some special royal occasions. These will not affect the title of Princess Kate’s Duchess of Cambridge, nor will it affect her HRH’s status as a prince, but add a glory and status.

The award won by King Kate is the highest level, a court source said, “Kate is honored and looking forward to continue to represent the Queen.” At the end of 2017, Princess Kate also received the Royal Family Medal of Elizabeth II. Now, like Camille, the Duchess of Cornwall, she can use the back letters of GCVO to wear blue threaded ankle straps with red and white edges on certain occasions.

Princess Kate also enjoys other titles in the royal family. As the wife of the future king, her title follows her husband, Prince William. As a recognized member of the royal family, her official title is “The Duchess of Cambridge · His Royal Highness Catherine”, but in Scotland, she will be awarded the title of Countess Katlason, and in Ireland she will be the title of Mrs. Carrick Fergus.