4-Year-Old Saves His Mother’s Life With Quick Thinking

Electronic devices was reported to make a difference on childhood brain development negatively. However, the using of smartphone by 4-year-old Camden Vaughan is being credited with potentially life-saving.

He was at home with his mother, Misty Vaughan, who had been sick for a few days.  The mother  thought the flu was had by her, but her temperature kept rising, to a whopping 105.5 °F. Then she passed out. And reading that terrifying number was the last thing she remembered.

Camden Vaughan tried to wake up his mother, but she was unresponsive. Fortunately, the little boy had memorized his mom’s  passcode from months of playing games on the device. So he soon grabbed his mother’s phone, unlocked it, went into her contacts, and clicked his daddy’s photo to call. When his father picked up, he delivered the chilling message.

“He said, ‘Daddy I need you to come home! Mommy can’t get in the bath because she can’t wake up,'” Dr. Vaughan, who was at his office when he took the call from his terrified son, said of the call. “And I said: ‘I’m on my way!'”

Misty was rushed to the ER, where her physician Dr. Ousama Moammar declared she had a seizure. Camden’s call “saved her life,” he said. “Acting early and fast is of the essence.”

Now, because of Camden, Misty is back home and recovering. She showed her overwhelming gratitude for how quick her family acted. ‘It’s reminded me to enjoy the day-to-day tasks of motherhood again and not get bogged down with all the details in my life that in the end won’t really matter anyway.’ She said.