6 Practical Ways To Quickly Increase Your Concentration


Do you often feel that you can’t concentrate? I would like to introduce six ways to increase your concentration.

1. Learn to self-aware and see changes in your own emotions
Self-awareness means looking at yourself as a bystander. When we lose our temper, when we are impatient, your self-awareness will tell you that you are impatient now, and you are losing your temper now. How to be self-aware, you can try to calm yourself for 2 minutes, close your eyes and don’t want anything, then after 2 minutes, pick up the pen and write down your feelings.When we learn to be self-aware, we can get rid of the emotions, and we can better watch ourselves with a third party, so that we will not fall into the emotional problem, but we can observe the emotions and watch. The whole process of emotions. When you continue to do this, your self-awareness will become stronger and stronger.

2. learn to live in the moment
Living in the moment is a common saying. The reason why many people are anxious is to live in the past or to live in the future. Only living in the moment is our best way to eliminate anxiety and improve our self-focus.Learning to live in the present means that the moment is the most important, just as the Zen master said that eating is eating, sleeping is sleeping, and doing the right thing at the moment is the time when we have the strongest focus. Living in the moment will let us let go of the judgement. Put down your worries, let go of everything, and enjoy the feelings of the moment.

3. Develop your own goals
Many times, the reason why we can’t concentrate on it is because we don’t know how to set a goal that suits us. Or the goal is too big to start, or the goal is too harsh to persist. The goal that really suits you is The rhythm that can be controlled within the limits of what you can do is the most appropriate. The appropriate target is often individuality, not suitable for the public. Therefore, when setting goals, we must measure ourselves and we can better improve.

4. think about the solution in advance
Many times, the reason why we can’t concentrate on it is that a big factor is bound by the difficulties at that time, so when we set goals, you have to imagine what difficulties you are experiencing, and then what do you use? The way to face, the more clear you think in advance, the more calm you will be in focusing on this matter.

5. accept changes
The world is changing at any time. When we understand this truth, we understand that every change in life is normal, because change is the only truth in the world. So for the changing society, what we can do is to embrace the impermanence of fate and accept the state of life change at any time. When we can accept this change, we can face it with a more peaceful attitude. Embracing impermanence makes us realize that the more we live in the present, the more we can accept the status of learning anytime, anywhere. This is what we call surrender, surrender to the cards that fate gives you, and then use your own wisdom to turn around, so that it will change.

6, focus on the front, focus on the scene
When we understand that it is the biggest objective law in the world, the more we understand that we will continue to improve only by focusing on the present and focusing on the present. There is no limit to true perfection, and every moment is the best opportunity to temper us.