7 Bizarre Flowers You can never imagine

If you believe all flowers symbolize love, romance and beauty, then you are probably wrong. Not all the flowers are natural gift which can lift our mood and enlighten our spirit. Some of them could be tricks given by nature and the following flowers are the proof.

1 .Corpse Lily

Lily usually is the symbolic of innocence and smartness. It’s also many girls’ nickname. However, it’s definitely opposite when following ‘Corpse’. Botanists give such a frightening name for their horrible smell, which is described as ‘smell of death’. Not only the smelliest, it also probably largest flowers in the world too. Up to six feet height and 3 feet width can be reached when they boom, coupled with a lingering odour which has been compared, literately, to all the followings: human feces, limburger cheese and sweaty socks. Despite the stench it emit, hundreds of travelers come to Borneo to see its blossom, partly because beyond one year or several, Corpse lily waits 30 to 40 years to finish its only 12-hours blooming.


2.Rafflesia Arnoldii

Do you remember Piranha flower in Super Mario, the popular game around 2 decades ago? Rafflesia Arnoldii, another smelly and giant flower is likely the prototype. Since Corpse Lily is the highest flower, Rafflesia could be the heaviest one. Weighting up to ten kilograms, it has 5 huge petals and a diameter around three feet. Like Corpse Lily, it emit stinky stench like rotten flesh to attract carrion flies pollinate. Large as it is, Rafflesia is actually a parasitic flower, which means it have no root or leaves, always sprouting from cracked bark of trees. This feature contributes to its scarcity. It requires several coincidences to grow and survive due to its unisexual and parasitic nature.


3. Naked Man Orchid

This one is not horrible like the previous two, indeed it’s kind of cute and funny. As can be induced from its name, it consists of several naked-man-like petals. Strange as it is, this flower is widely used. Their tubers are usually used to make salep, a common ingredient in the famous dessert known as Turkish delight. And also, as you may guess, this flower is also a popular aphrodisiac. But this flower now is facing extinction due to its desirability.


4.Living stones

Water is the base of life, both to plants and animals. However, to this wired flower, water is just an option. ‘Living stone ’ doesn’t mean a stone alive, instead it refers to a flower with stone-like basis and daisy-like flowers. Since it inhabits arid southern Africa, it has developed into drought-proof plant like cactus.

Macro of african cactus Living stones

5.Hooker’s lips

Dream to kiss a girl with sexy lips? Come and pick one Hooker’s lips. See the flowers below and there is no wonder how it gets this name. It just resembles Angelina Jolie’s hot lips. However, instead of petals, the bright red lips are actually bracts. And, the kissable statue of it last only few days before the bloom of tiny yellow flower within it. Unfortunately, this plant has been driven to the brink of extinction due to the popularity among collectors. Hope we won’t kiss this beauty goodbye one day.


6.Swaddled Babies

This is another cute orchid just like naked-man! Its distinguish appearance resemble babies warped in white swaddling while blooming. However, this ‘innocent’ flower actually a ‘wicked’ one. It emit tempting scent to attract insect to its petal where unsuspecting creature are shoved into the column to help its pollination.


7.Snap Dragon Seed Pod

In my view, ‘skeleton flower’ suits this flower better than the name above. It gets the name for the resemblances of dragon mouth opening and closing. Because of its bright color and fragrance, it became the pop star among gardeners and horticulturists. Besides, interestingly, it may also attract the attention of historian because in ancient times, people believe Snap Dragon Seed has mystery power to defend the devil and they grow it in their garden to bless their families.