7 Incredible Companies Starting From Small Garage

If you believe business success lies on the amount of investment, then you’re totally wrong. Surprisingly enough, most of the biggest multinational corperations are born in small garages with nearly nothing. We Blaze Week today bring 7 inspiring stories of these companies and share with you the dedications, ideas as well as courage behind them.

#1 Amazon

E-commerce is prosperous nowadays. But back to 1994 when Jeff Bezos stared Amazon, it was the darkest hour before the dawn of Internet era. At that time, Bezos opened the first online bookstore of Amazon in his personal garage in Bellevue, Washington, with an old door served as desk. And today, Amazon have evolved to the largest online retailer worldwide. Its founder, Bezos, also owns another technology company – Blue Point, which provides aerospace manufactory and space flight services. Obviously, instead of the garage, one of Blue Point’s launch site now located on the right of Bezos’private land in Texas.

Address: 10704 NE 28th, Bellevue, Washington


Amazon’s garage Blue_Origin_New_Shepard_Launch_april_2015[1]Launch site of Blue Point

#2 Apple

Apple announced the construction of a new headquarter in 2017 recently – a futuristic and circular structure with 4 stories, set in 2.8 million-square-foot area, with accommodation of nearly 13,000 employees. Magnificent,uhm? With the comparison of this edifice, it’s hard to imagine Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak assembled their very first computer in a tiny and dank garage in Cupertino, CA, where is exactly Apple’s first ‘headquarter’.

Address: 2066 Crist Dr, Los Altos, California


Apple’s garage


Apple’s new headquater in Cupertino

#3 Disney

When I think of Disney, the splendid and delicate buildings of Disneyland always come to my mind. However, the reality is all these fancy dreams Disney presented to us started from a cabin in Roy and Walt Disney’s uncle’s one-car garage. They filmed the first animated movie there, where is, accidently, only 45 minutes down the road from Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. And now, Disney has already established itself as a leader in the American animation industry, becoming the largest media conglomerate in the world. It also diversified into live-action film production, television and theme parks, selling the concept of love and joy to the whole world.

Address: 4651 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, CaliforniaTFFnTFs[1]

Disney’s garage


Disney land

#4 Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is probably the world’s most iconic motorcycle ever. Having a fairly long history, Harley has survived several economic downturns including the Great Depression, WWI and II, and undergone numerous ownership arrangements as well as intense global competition — to become the world’s fifth largest motorcycle manufacturer. All of these persistence started in a shabby woodshed in 1900s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.William S. Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson attempt to attach a miniature engine into an their first bicycle here and they also wrote ‘HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR CO.’ on the door just as the picture shows.

Address: Somewhere in northern Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Harley-Davidson’s garage


Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee

#5 Google

You must remember the historic five go matches between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo in Match 2016. AlphaGo’s victory became a major milestone in artificial intelligence research. The owner company of it — Alphabet, which is reorganized from Google, is definitely the benchmark for the Internet Company in 21th century. Likewise, Google also have a humble beginning. Two Stanford PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded it in Susan Wojcicki’s garage in September 1998.It’s interesting that both of them thought of selling Google to Excite once up a time due to its interference to their school work. However, Excite made a regretful rejection and now Google is the most trafficked site in the world.

Address: 232 Santa Margarita Ave, Menlo Park, California

googleGoogle’s garage


Google’s present headquater

#6 Mattel

You are probably not familiar with Mattel, but you must hear of Barbie! Every girl’s dream toy! It’s perhaps the earliest textbook of fashion and upscale life-style for girls around the world. Well, this book is written by Mattel, which is founded in a garage in Southern California in 1945 by Harold ‘Matt’ Matson and Elliot Handler. Far beyond the toy manufacture, this company sold photo frames and furniture primarily. To make the best use of the offcut of material, they create dollhouse accidently. Then finding dollhouse popular, Matson and Handler turned their emphasis to toys. And now, Mattel has become the world’s largest toy maker in terms of revenue and market.

Address: Somewhere in Southern California


Mattel’s garage

barbie dolls

Barbie dolls

#7 Hewlett-Packard

The initial locality of Hewleet-Packard is also a garage just 10 miles from the Apple one. Like Google, the founders of HP are two Stanford graduates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. With the primary investment of mere $538, they built their first product — an audio oscillator in this 12-by-18-foot garage. One of their first customers is another ‘startup in garage’- Disney Productions, who bought 8 audio oscillators for their film Fantasia. In contrast with a personal garage, this one was used to be a research lab, development workshop and manufacturing facility for nearly a year. And today, after HP grew into a giant multinational information technology company, the garage become a private museum and is known as the ‘birthplace of Silicon Valley’.

Address: 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, California

HP 1

Hewlett-Packard’s garage


Hewlett-Packard’s headquater

The point here is EVERYTHING STARTS AS NOTHING. It’s common when we see a giant company and think ‘I could never start something like that.’ Indeed, you can never establish them overnight. But the fact is you don’t need to start Amazon or Apple, all the things that you have to do is just as simple as opening an online store or assembling a compute. There is no hurdles for you to make your creativities come ture.Rome was not built in a day and let me put the famous Nike (another garage born brand ) slogan in the end — Just Do It !