A Guy Posted An Album Of Selfies Showing How Awkward As A Third Wheel

Having a third-wheel in your relationship can be awkward at best.Well, one man, known only as ‘earthyhillgivens‘ on Imgur has managed to find the humour in the situation.

He’s documented his life as a third wheel to his best friend and girlfriend for the last three year.He created a ‘Third Wheelin’ album and the images have gone viral.

This awkward photo series shows earthyhillgivens in the foreground wearing an almost peeping-tom expression.Most considerately, the man chose not to obstruct true love’s path, instead opted to loiter a short distance behind the couple as they went about their business.


A happy ending! Oh no wait. He’s still alone.

Here are some of their memories, along with some of the amusing Imgur comments…



Where’s the one where he’s sitting in a chair watching them sleep?



This is a level 10 stalker. Wait, More than level 10. He got into their car unnoticed.



You are a beautiful unicycle…



You’re cute! Hang in there!



Your friends walk a lot.






Aww, what a happy ending …. wait, he’s not going on the honeymoon is he?!