A kitty woke up to find out he was missing his manly part and his reaction is priceless

One hilarious photo has captured the moment six-month-old Milo woke up  from anaesthetic following an operation -only to find out he was missing his manly parts…and his reaction is priceless.


The distraught cat can be seen letting out an almighty screech as he looks down to find that his ‘bits’ are gone.


According to the SWNS, he just had the routine neutering surgery last weekend .  As he searched around ‘down below’ he noticed something was missing. Owner John Reed says Milo kept checking, wondering if his ‘bits’ were coming back.

“He looked down and realised they were missing and let out this almighty screech. He carried on looking down and staring for ages.”

Reed says it took Milo about an hour to come around and realize his two best friends were gone for good.

Though it may seem cruel, neutering is the best way to to prevent them fathering unwanted litters.Well, based on Milo’s reaction to finding he’s had the snip, it could be suggested that cats and dogs favour vets leaving their private parts alone.