A Recovered Tom Hanks Delivers His Commencement Speech: You Will Create A New World

The year 2020 is a very special graduation season.

Under the lockdown of the epidemic, some graduates built campuses in the sandbox game “my world” and held the “graduation ceremony of the second yuan”. Some will sit on hill-tops in turn for an outdoor “social distance” graduation ceremony. Still others let the robot take the place to wear the graduation gown and hold the graduation ceremony with a sense of technology and future.

Social media platforms facebook, youtube, and even think tank XQ Institute have all launched online commencement addresses, and celebrities like former President barack Obama and oprah winfrey have gone online to help the class of 2020.


In addition, some universities also invite celebrities to make speeches for their graduates. Hollywood actor Tom Hanks delivered an online speech to the class of 2020 at Wright State University on May 2, NBC news reported. Tom Hanks and his wife, who were diagnosed with covid-19, are recovering.

In the speech, Tom Hanks referred to the graduates as the “chosen ones.” in addition to recognizing their efforts and achievements, he also highlighted the responsibility that all people should shoulder in the fight against the epidemic.

“There is no doubt that you have succeeded with the help and love of others in your lives, but your success has more to do with your choice to do so,” he said in the speech. You were chosen because of a fate you could not have imagined when you began your own adventure at Wright state university. You started in the old days, in the world before the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. And you will talk later about those years in your lives and say, ‘that was before the covid-19 outbreak, that was before the pandemic.’ A part of your life will forever be defined as’ before, ‘just as other generations have talked about’ that was before the war, that was before the Internet, that was before beyonce. ‘that’ before ‘has meant so much in your life.”

Tom Hanks also encouraged the class of 2020 to take responsibility.

“You would call the last few weeks, including many weeks to come, the pandemic period, the covid-19 period, the ‘lockdown’ period, the quarantine period… If we all continue to be good citizens, there will be a time when you will move on to ‘after [the epidemic].’ ‘after’ is when the virus is contained, after we can all safely get out of the house, after we start living lives of possibility again. But your ‘after’ won’t be the same as your ‘before’ and ‘during.'”

Looking ahead, Tom Hanks said, “you will survive this period of great sacrifice and great need. No one can face the task of renewing normalcy with more vigor and vitality than those of you who have been chosen.”

Tom Hanks also expressed confidence in the graduates: “every year, every class will take turns to live up to their own values and prove their worth. But this generation of yours will not just do the work that has to be done. You are joining in the work that has to be done. You who have been chosen will form new structures, will define new realities, will create new worlds, after all that we have endured.”

“The future is always unknown and uncertain, but we celebrate what you have accomplished, what you have achieved,” he said. On this day, one thing we can be sure of is that you will not let us down.”