A Stampede At A Shrine In Iraq Killed 31 People And Injured About 100

A stampede in the southern Iraqi city of karbala has killed 31 people and injured about 100 others, 10 of them seriously, the health ministry said Wednesday.

Karbala is a major Shiite city in Iraq. Thousands of shi ‘ites crowded into the hussain mosque in the center of karbala, causing a heavy stampede at the gate.


Ashura is an important religious holiday in Iraq. Many shi ‘ites visit the hussein mosque in karbala on this day.

So, how to prevent stampedes, in a crowded place, what should individuals pay attention to?

First, find the safety exit before entering the site, in case of danger, can be targeted to escape.

Second, in places with limited space, such as tourist parks, cinemas and shopping malls, individuals should follow the arrangement of the organization. In case of emergency, the orderly evacuation under the guidance of the organizers.

Third, stay away from the glass of the shop or counter when getting into the chaos of the crowd.

Fourth, keep your feet firmly on the ground and, if possible, hold onto a solid object near you.

Fifth, if appear crowded stampede phenomenon, should promptly contact the foreign aid, seeks the help.

How can individuals get out of a chaotic crowd safely?

In the march, found the panic crowd toward own direction to rush over, should quickly evade to one side, or crouches under the nearby corner, after waits for the crowd to pass, then leaves.

If you are being held forward by the crowd, you should use one hand to hold the other wrist, open your elbows, and put them flat on your chest. You should bend forward slightly to create a certain space and ensure smooth breathing, so as to avoid suffocation and fainting when crowded. Also protect your feet from stepping on your toes.

If you are pushed to the ground, do not panic, should try to make the body close to the wall or other support, the body curled into a ball, hands clasped on the back of the neck, protect the back of the head and neck; Bring your elbows forward and cover both temples.