Admitted To Killing But Refused To Plead Guilty, What New Tricks Did Zhang Yingying Suspects Engage In?

“Brent Christensen killed Zhang Yingying.” The well-respected Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying’s disappearance has ushered in new progress.


On June 12, local time, the defendant’s lawyer stated in the opening statement that Christensen admitted to killing Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying and said that Zhang Yingying was raped and tortured before he died. Although he acknowledged the facts of the crime, he still did not change his position of insisting on his acquittal.

On the first day of the trial of Zhang Yingying, the prosecution detailed the story of Zhang Yingying in the opening statement: “He kidnapped her, he murdered her, and he concealed his crime.”On the day of the incident, the defendant Christensen pretended to be an undercover police officer, persuaded Zhang Yingying to get on the bus, and kidnapped him back to the apartment to rape him. Later, he stabbed Zhang Yingying in the bathtub, then broke his head with a baseball bat, licked his throat for about 10 minutes, suffocated him, then daggered him, and finally abandoned him. Throughout the process, Zhang Yingying constantly resisted, struggled and tried to escape.There is also a more plausible message, the prosecution also disclosed that the defendant admitted that he had killed 12 women before Zhang Yingying.


The most incomprehensible thing is that the accused confessed to rape and murder, but he refused to plead guilty. This kind of arrogant attitude of “I am doing it, can you help me?” stimulates the public’s perception.According to reports, according to US law, conviction must be based on a complete closed evidence chain, and simple confession cannot be used as a basis for finalization or even sentencing. The defendant acknowledged the kidnapping, rape, murder, and destruction of the evidence through the lawyer, but denied the guilty, and his testimony was not directly provided to the police or the court. This forced the police and the prosecution to try to complete the evidence chain by themselves, otherwise it would be difficult to convict it.

But to fill the chain of evidence, we must find the key evidence, and the key to these key evidences is in the hands of the defendant. Obviously, the defendant found that the court, the prosecution and the police could not make up the evidence chain enough to convict him and punish him with no risk, so that he could use his own “key” and the court and prosecution. Bargaining, and strive to “confess guilty” in exchange for a larger reduction in sentence.Although the prosecution said that it had found some blood stains with Zhang Yingying DNA on the scene and found a baseball bat that might be a murder weapon, it was clear that the defendant and his team concluded that the evidence was not enough to cause him to “dead”. The “dead chain”, otherwise the case trial process will not be delayed until now.

It is also worth noting that since 2011, Illinois has abolished the death penalty and Christensen became the first defendant in the state to face the federal death penalty in the United States.After the details of Zhang Yingying’s suspects were exposed, the netizens expressed their support for Zhang Yingying’s family, saying that his behavior was terrible and he hoped to be sentenced to death.