American Astronauts Have Completed A Seven-hour Spacewalk

Two American astronauts on the international space station completed a seven-hour spacewalk to replace their high-powered lithium batteries, NASA said Sunday. This is the 219th spacewalk aboard the international space station.


Astronauts Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan completed the space station’s sixth spacewalk of the year at 2:40 p.m. Edt Sunday, taking seven hours and one minute.

The nickel-metal hydride batteries on the port-6 truss were replaced with smaller, more powerful lithium-ion batteries, which were carried to the iss by Japan’s stork cargo ship on Sept. 28, NASA said in a statement. The two astronauts completed the scheduled mission ahead of schedule and the battery replacement mission scheduled for October 11.


Astronauts aboard the international space station plan to conduct 10 complex spacewalks in three months, the most frequent departures since the station was assembled in 2011, NASA said. The five spacewalks planned for October will focus on replacing batteries in the station’s truss structure. Another five spacewalks are scheduled to begin in November to repair the station’s space particle detector, the alpha magnetic spectrometer.