American Whiskey Warehouse Fired Due To Lightning Strikes

The well-known whisky brand Jim Beam’s two warehouses in Kentucky, USA, caught fire on the evening of Tuesday (2nd) local time. Due to the large amount of spirits in the warehouse, the combustion of the fire was provided for the fire. The fire lights on the scene were melted. The fire burned all night and was extinguished until noon on Wednesday (3rd).


Some American media estimated that the fire would cost the winery $90 million to $300 million. Another official worried that a large amount of whiskey would flow into the river or cause fish to die. Although the fire did not cause casualties, it burned nearly 45,000 barrels of bourbon and a large amount of whisky flowed into nearby rivers. Initially, the fire was caused by lightning.

Officials said that whiskey leaks into the Kentucky River, which is expected to cause “low dissolved oxygen levels” that could have serious effects on aquatic life and cause a large number of fish to die. Some officials warned that the affected river will be discolored, foamed and smelly. The US media estimates that a standard wine barrel can generally hold 150 to 200 bottles of 750 milliliters of whisky. If all the barrels are fully loaded, at least 6 million bottles of wine will be lost.


American bourbon production accounts for 95% of the world. The company belonging to the fire warehouse refers to the brand with 126 warehouses and about 3.3 million barrels of wine in Kentucky. The burnt whisky accounts for about 1% of the inventory. Most of the years are still shallow and will not affect the supply. Measures have been taken to prevent the whisky from continuing into the river. .