American Woman Flies First Class With Horse

A colt in the United States has been enjoying first-class travel for the first time under the guidance of its owner.

Ronica Froese and her beloved pony completed a trip across the United States on February 7. They flew from grand rapids, Michigan, to Ontario, California, with a stopover at dallas-fort worth international airport.Froth said the colt was welcomed by the crew and other passengers. “everyone loved it. The crew and all the passengers were very friendly to it.”


Ms. Froth also said she worked with other horse trainers to prepare for the trip, including training the ponies to adapt to loud sounds and potty training when they needed to relieve themselves at the airport. To make sure the colt had enough space on the flight, froth bought two first-class seats and made sure each flight lasted no more than three hours. The pony wears shoes and stands on a yoga mat on the floor so that it has enough traction to stay stable during takeoff and landing. For the convenience of other passengers, the colt also wore a blue-green hat so that those allergic to its hair would not be affected by it. Mr Froth praised the colt as “the epitome of the perfect flying service animal”.

However, ma’s first flight also suffered a few hiccups as he was constantly photographed by amazed passengers on his mobile phone. Froth said that while it may be rare for a horse to fly, she hopes the public will understand that it is rude to use a mobile phone to take pictures or video of a service animal that is classified as a medical device without the trainer’s permission.


The colt was allowed to accompany his owner on the flight because he is a specially trained service animal and his owner, froth, owns a company specialising in equine assisted therapy. The colt returned to his home in Michigan on Wednesday and froth was delighted with the flight, saying it was important for the service animal to be able to fly because “people need this animal’s company so much”.