America’s Most Distinctive Holiday: No Pants Subway Day

Recently, the temperature in many places has reached a new high, some places even reached about 40 degrees Celsius, facing such high temperature, many people are not easy to go out, if they have to go out, they would rather wear only a pair of pants. Today we share America’s most bizarre holiday: no pants subway day.


However, there is such a special winter festival in the United States. Subway no pants day, when people take the subway on that day, they only wear a pair of pants, which is called the strangest festival in the United States. If it is summer, such a holiday will be understood by many people, after all, the weather is hot in summer, but in winter, such behavior is a little hard to accept.


It is understood that the subway no pants day originally is just the “mischief” director Charles Todd a hoax, on January 13, 2002, he led a group of actors “trick” on the subway opened the event, the original is actually called for the purpose of people to watch mobile phone on the subway, less to observe find more fun in life.


Surprisingly, the prank has been accepted by many people since it began, and the participants have even made January 13 a traditional day of the year, with the upper body dressed in normal winter clothes and the lower body in a pair of underwear.

As of today, tens of thousands of people have taken part in the no pants subway day. What do you think of the holiday trend?