Anne Hathaway Appears On The Avenue Of Stars

On May 9th, Hollywood movie star Anne Hathaway appeared on the Avenue of Stars and climbed to the top of her career.


She wore a printed maxi dress and was temperamental. Adam Shulman, a jewelry designer, was intimate with a group of friends.

Founded in 1958, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located in Hollywood, California. The streets are lined with more than 2,500 “stars”, each representing a person or group that has made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry.The chance to get a name for the Avenue of Stars is the biggest affirmation for the 37-year-old Anne Hathaway.

Since the film, Anne Hathaway has presented “Princess Diary”, “Queen of Prada”, “Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight”, “Les Miserables” and other masterpieces, and the performance has become more mature.


Anne Hathaway’s position is next to Heidi McDaniels, who was the slave of the 1940 film Gone with the Wind and the first Oscar-winning black actress.