Apple Has A Privacy lawsuit: Selling iTunes User Data And Music Play History

In the past few years, large technology companies such as Facebook and Google have exploded countless violations of personal privacy scandals. At the same time, Apple’s privacy practices have been praised by the media and consumers. Man Cook has also been publicly on many occasions, shelling Google and Facebook to collect a large amount of personal privacy, and through the data to profit.


Surprisingly, according to the latest news from foreign media, Apple was subjected to a rare consumer privacy lawsuit on Friday. Users accused Apple of selling user data and music purchase history.

According to foreign media reports, on Friday, three iTunes service consumers in Michigan and Rhode Island filed a complaint with a federal district court in San Francisco, California. The plaintiff applied to classify the lawsuit as a consumer class action lawsuit, hoping to represent their respective regions. Tens of thousands of Apple users.

The plaintiff alleged that, without the user’s permission, Apple leaked information about personal music and sold the personal information of the music business user.The plaintiff alleged that Apple’s disclosure of iTunes’ personal information was not only illegal, but could also be dangerous because it would cause socially vulnerable groups to become targets.

The plaintiff pointed out that “for example, any individual or entity can obtain a list of the names and addresses of all unmarried, university-educated women over the age of 70 who have a family income of more than $80,000 through Apple’s The iTunes Store mobile app buys country music from Apple, and the list’s external sales price is $136 per 1,000 users.” After the conversion, Apple is equivalent to each customer’s data for sale at 14 cents.


Apple’s iTunes store is the company’s relatively old music content service, users need to pay for certain songs for a separate fee. Nowadays, in the Internet music industry, the online music mode of unlimited monthly listening to songs is gradually phasing out the traditional song download mode.Previously, Apple redesigned the “Beats Music” service acquired, and launched the “Apple Music Service” with a new brand. Users pay $10 a month and can enjoy tens of millions of songs. Relying on the influence of Apple brand and the bundled promotion of iOS operating system, Apple Music Service has already obtained tens of millions of members worldwide, and the number of members in the US domestic market exceeds that of Swedish online music giant Spotify.

According to foreign media reports, according to the respective privacy laws of the two states of Michigan and Rhode Island, the plaintiff seeks $250 in financial compensation for Rhode Island iTunes customers whose information is disclosed, for each customer in Michigan. Seek $5,000 in financial compensation.

If consumers win the lawsuit, how much financial compensation Apple will face, and whether it will face a larger consumer litigation across the country, it is not known.