Are You Brave Enough to Spend a Night at This Creepy Clown Motel?

Imagine driving into a small desert town late at night. You can hardly hold your eyes open and need to find a motel room rather quickly. You finally come across a motel that has a vacancy. You think you just got really lucky, but you soon discover the motel has a clown theme. Yes, clowns! Creepy clowns everywhere!Are you still BRAVE enough to spend a night there?At least, I will never stay.. .God-damn terrifying.Only those with nerves of steel should check into this clown-themed motel in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

Just off Highway 95, about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, lies the sleepy desert town of Tonopah – home of the famous Clown Motel.


For decades, it has been catering to truckers, long-haul drivers and tourists traversing the Nevada desert, although those suffering from coulrophobia – the fear of clowns – tend to stay well away even if it means driving dozens of miles to the next town.And for good reason, considering the place is crawling with clowns!


The big lighted sign of a grinning, juggling clown outside the motel acts more as a warning than an invitation to spend the night.


But it gets even worse once you enter the wood-panelled motel office. The visitors are met by an array of glassy-eyed clowns grinning at them from floor to ceiling shelves.


The walls are also hung portraits of famous clowns, from Bozo to Pagliacci, their soulless eyes intent on watching your every move from their faux-gold frames. So you’ll have a hard time guarding your eyes from the horror.

Clown Motel 3__OTIS

With porcelain clowns, portraits of clowns and there’s even a grinning life-size clown that’s sits in a chair and watches every move you make.Dear God. That’s not cool.


Thankfully for those with coulrophobia, the 28 hotel bedrooms don’t actually feature clowns as dolls.


But ,as you sleep clowns will be staring down at you from their pictures that hang over the beds and on the side walls. Yikes!


The creepy Tonopah accommodation has become Internet-infamous, called “the most haunted motel in America.”Not only hundreds of clowns are enough to give you nightmares, but the motel is located right next to the old Tonopah cemetery, which can even be seen from some of the rooms.


Established in 1901 and filled to capacity by 1911, the cemetery is still occupied by 300 human corpses, including 14 of the 17 gold miners who died in a horrific underground fire, 104 years ago, as well as a number of locals who died of a mysterious plague in 1902.

So, why would anyone open up a motel next to an old, creepy cemetery? According to Bob Perchetti, the Clown Motel’s current owner, the story goes a little something like this:

A man named Leroy David purchased the property during the 1970s. His father, Clarence H. David, was one of the miners who perished in the Tonopah-Belmont mine fire and was buried in the cemetery. After a lot of thought, Leroy decided to put a motel on the land.


Leroy purchased a clown collection from a man he met in Las Vegas, and he later decided to combine his motel idea with his newly-purchased clown collection. His motel would later be known as the famous Clown Motel.


Ever since Perchetti took over the motel, clowns are constantly being added to the collection. Guests will sometimes donate a clown, and every now and then, clowns will show up in the mail from complete strangers. Stuffed clowns! Ceramic clowns! Big clowns! Small clowns! SUPER CREEPY CLOWNS!

Considering the creepiness of the place, it’s no surprise some guests have a problem getting a good night’s sleep at the Clown Motel. Perchetti says people often ask him to remove the clown portraits from their rooms or at least cover them up with a piece of cloth. One guest told him he woke up and saw a creepy life-size clown by the side of the bed. He tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes, thinking it was just an illusion but the clown was still there. Then, all of a sudden, it disappeared into thin air. Maybe it was just his mind playing trick on him, or maybe not…

If you’re brave enough to stay a night at the Clown Motel, be sure to call ahead to reserve your room. Believe it or not, people actually spend the night at the Clown Motel, it’s sometimes fully booked.And  it also has positive reviews on TripAdvisor with the majority of guests labelling their stay as “very good.”If you’re really, REALLY BRAVE, request a second-floor room for a GREAT view of the cemetery. Anyway,please be careful!