Artist Uses Own Menstrual Blood To Create Gorgeous Photographs

Look at the photographs. Can you tell what was used to make them?

The artist, Jen Lewis calls herself, “Conceptual Artist & Menstrual Designer.”

Yes, Menstrual designer. Why?

Because she is a macro photographer who is exploring the beauty of menstrual blood.

No, I am not making this up, google it.

Her project, called ‘Beauty in Blood’, features photos of her own menstrual blood.Lewis’s goal  is “normalizing the menstruation process” and showing that it can be beautiful.

After she started using a menstrual cup in 2012, Lewis wondered why the copious blood seen in violent movies and on television was seen as acceptable, while the blood she flushed down the toilet was so taboo. So she stared work with her husband to photograph her own blood, pouring it into an empty toilet while he shot with a DLSR camera outfitted with a macro lens. The macro lens in particular allowed them to take a substance viewed as shameful and disgusting and use it to create something beautiful and mutable.

More than just pure experimentation or senseless provocation, Lewis hopes these photos can help decrease the stigma still so strongly associated with menstruation. “I always find it amusing when people say I do this for shock value,” she told Co.Design. “I’m very mainstream.”

Her artwork will be on display at an exhibition called “Widening the Cycle: A Menstrual Cycle & Reproductive Justice Art Show” taking place in Boston from June 4-6.