Beckham was ridiculed by his family on his 44th birthday

Former British famous football player David Beckham has won countless fans all over the world with his superb skills and fascinating face. After retiring, Beckham still did not disappear in everyone’s eyes. His fashion career and happy family made Beckham more concerned. On the evening of May 2, local time, Beckham spent a pleasant evening with his family.


May 2 is Beckham’s 44th birthday. He did not choose a high-profile celebrity party, just to celebrate with his family in the restaurant. His wife, Victoria Beckham, wished her husband a happy birthday on his own instagram and showed a happy six celebration.

Beckham got a close hug from her daughter on the 44th birthday. The father and the daughter took a group photo together, and Beckham’s eyes were touched by Harper’s face. No wonder Belle often said that the little daughter Xiaoqi It is the best for mom and dad. On such a special day, Xiaoqi gave Dad a homemade sandwich and put it on a beautiful yellow plate. There was also a yellow tulip on the sandwich, which was very innovative.

The three sons were much more naughty than their daughters. Romeo gave Dad a special card and wrote a playful word on a white card in a silver font. “dad, i got you this card.because it matches your hair.”Romeo seems to be laughing at David Beckham’s changing hair style. A few days ago, Beckham himself predicted that the future hair style would be bald, and his son would open his father, which shows how easy the family atmosphere is.


The younger son Cruz is more naughty. He was born in 2005 and ranks third in his family. He is six years younger than his older brother, Brooklyn. The 14-year-old Cruz also gave Dad a card and played a string of impressive words, “dad, growing old is inevitable”, and the text “but growing up is optional” under the pattern.

Among the many gifts, the most expensive one was Victoria’s gift to her husband. She chose a luxurious bag with a white bow on the brown leather surface and a DB logo. This is David Beckham. Shorthand for the letter. In addition to such a tasteful gift, Victoria is still a child, giving her husband two bottles of deodorant, and with the expression of a big thumb.

Beckham was ridiculed by his family on the 44th birthday, and Bessie sent deodorant. The son also advised his father to serve the old. Through the gift of the family, it can be seen how much the wife and children like Beckham, who like to joke with him. It can be seen how happy the Beckham family is.