Bieber And Hayley’s Wedding Is Postponed Indefinitely

After marrying in the New York City court last September, 22-year-old supermodel Hailey Baldwin and 25-year-old pop idol Justin Bieber have sent their friends and family three times to make a wedding. Notice, but for the time being they will not receive reminders again, not because the two newcomers have abandoned the plan for religious weddings, but have delayed them indefinitely.


The insider told the media: “They still have to hold a wedding, but this is not the focus of their attention. They have not set a wedding date, but are prepared to wait until Justin feels better and is interested in the marriage plan.”

Bieber is concentrating on mental health treatment, and he is said to be “confident” and he will be better. “Hayly doesn’t give him any pressure. She wants him to put all his energy into mental health. There are many people who like him, care about him, help him deal with the problems he faces, and Haili is one of them. She played The role is completely beyond the expectations of a new bride. She understands him deeply and is 100% ready to help him. Bieber is so lucky to realize that she can have her own.”


Previous media reports that Bieber suffered from depression for a long time, and Hayley was calm and calm as her wife, accompanied him to see a doctor and seek methods. Bieber also has confidence that he can recover and bless them!