Blain Blain Is Repeated, How Should We Do?

People with acne are really hard! Eating sweets may lead to acne, eating spicy may lead to acne, drinking milk may lead to acne, staying up late may lead to acne. Even if you go to bed early, get up early, and eat light, it can come out of the blue.

So, these stubborn acne, why choose you?


The science of blain blain is called “acne”, cause is more complex. In addition to hormone levels, oil secretion, propionibacterium acnes breeding and other factors, acne and genetics, diet, mood, skin care, environment and medicine and other factors.
And the person’s life is same, blain blain is in different period, have different appearance.

Mild acne:
Acne mainly, usually by the elimination of the grease and waste cutin accumulation, the size of the needle, can squeeze “small white strip”. “Little white note” did not appear, is silent; If the head appears, it will be oxidized by the air, forming blackheads.

Degree of moderate to severe acne:
If the acne gets worse and a lot of oil gets blocked, causing propionibacterium acnes to multiply, a bacterial infection can develop, leading to a series of inflammatory reactions. Moderate blain blain is the red blain that is about the same size as sesame to soya bean and pus pack commonly, press, painful painful. As the inflammation matures, the pimple turns into a white or yellowish pustule.

When blain blain becomes dark red, the nodule that feels hard and cyst, the head still is very big, grow to the size of pecan even, the circumstance is very serious, namely heavy blain blain. Even if it does heal, it’s easy to scar. If your acne continues to increase, you have more than 10 acne spots all over your face, or you have significant swelling and inflammation, be sure to see a professional dermatologist as soon as possible.


So, how should do at ordinary times, can make blain blain a few less?

Diet three avoid: sweet, Fried food and milk
High-glycemic foods raise blood sugar, which leads to increased production of insulin and the corresponding insulin-like growth factor, making acne worse. Fried food has more saturated fatty acids, will promote the body’s inflammatory response, easy to make people long acne. Milk is also a “dangerous” food, especially skim milk. Natural hormones in milk or other bioactive molecules can aggravate acne. So drink as little as possible milk, if you must drink, choose the priority of whole milk, avoid low-fat and skim milk.

In addition, it is important to keep a good schedule and get enough sleep. Blain blain and grease cannot take off concern, so many people feel wash a face more, wash oil, can say goodbye with blain blain. But in fact, moderate cleanliness is enough. Wash your face with a mild, low pH cleanser. Avoid using products with frosted particles, as they may become more oily and aggravate the inflammatory response. In addition, after gentle cleansing also do not forget to timely apply moisturizing products to protect the skin barrier. More importantly, don’t crowd!

When often nursing, we can pay more attention to salicylic acid, fruit acid or vitamin A acid and other active ingredients.
Among them, salicylic acid is good for improving pore clog, blain, black head and white head acne.