Blood Thickens, Which Foods Are Behind This?

Blood vessels and water from the same, with a long time, it will age. By the age of 40, the elasticity of blood vessels has become worse, and with the lipids and other waste attached to the walls of blood vessels, blood vessels become narrower and blood viscosity increases.

Besides age, the habit when young, also be the “hero” of blood change stickiness, love for instance drink, love smoke, love sit for a long time, the person is lazy motion is little. Diet also plays a role. There is a lot of junk food nowadays. Fried foods, puffed snacks and various desserts with high sugar content can also accelerate the aging of blood vessels, causing blood to become sticky.


Whether the blood is sticky is difficult to judge commonly, although giddy have a headache, eyesight is blurry, limb is weak wait for, be very outstanding signal, but confuse sex is very big. To judge whether the viscosity is high or not, or to check, the normal value of blood viscosity for men should be 3.84-5.3, women is 3.39-4.41, beyond this range, indicating that the blood has been very thick.

Too viscous blood, can reduce blood flow rate, and make the brain blocked blood supply, in the elderly in the mood, pressure, temperature and other factors to stimulate, will and cerebral infarction closer and closer. Find out the blood becomes sticky behind the pusher, early diet, later life or can live a little bit more secure.

Salted meat, salted fish, salted vegetables and other pickled food, is the hidden killer. As the food is cured, the salt in it soars, accelerating the buildup of sodium and increasing the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the blood vessels, leading to premature aging. Eating too much at one time not only increases blood viscosity, but also puts blood vessels at risk of rupture.

Food that is not cooked in an oil cooker counts as highly greasy, as does hotpot. In all kinds of hot pot, butter hot pot oil content is the highest, even when eating this kind of hot pot, with ice to absorb oil, but also unable to block a lot of fat, heat intake. Maintain this diet regularly and your blood vessels will be unhealthy.

Breakfast should choose seriously, Fried dough sticks, Fried dumplings and so on should eat less, the north like to eat Fried rice, Fried noodles, in the blood sticky rise, will not eat. This kind of food is to contain oil large family likewise, the morning is metabolized is slow when, if eat much, the adipose meeting of accumulation in blood increases.


Dessert, such as milk tea and cheesecake, is high in sugar, though it contains no oil. Sugar is also an energy-supplying substance, which can affect fat metabolism if it is absorbed in excess. As a result of meal snack, the digestion that can affect staple food again and absorb, accelerate the accumulation of carbohydrate inside body.

Animal offal such as liver, which contains more cholesterol than regular meat, should also be reduced. Some middle-aged and elderly men, like to use them as food, obviously not desirable. Wine itself will stimulate blood vessels, accelerate blood viscosity, with these animals on the liver, blood vessels is “adding insult to injury.” If you can avoid all of these foods, the pressure on the blood vessels will be much less, and gradually become unobstructed. If can be in the life, do a bit more exercise, even if it is housework, can promote blood flow, enhance the ability of blood metabolism, maintain its health. At the same time, adjust your sleep.

The effects of sleep on blood vessels are often overlooked, but a good night’s sleep and regular sleep habits give blood vessels enough time to metabolize fat and other harmful substances in the body. Maintain everyday, blood vessel thinks bad all difficult, cerebrum stem also won’t seek to come.