‘Blowing Up My Kid Prank’ Is Probably The Worst Idea Ever

Pranks  are really funny and amusing to watch ,however, some pranksters never know when a prank goes way too far.

Roman Attwood,known for his over-the-top controversial  pranks,played a cruel trick on his girlfriend by pretending their son had been blown up in a quad-biking accident.Footage of the clip, called Blowing up my kid PRANK!!!. Yes, you read that right – blowing up his own son.

Nobody had tried blowing up their kids yet.Does he want to get dumped? Because this is how to get dumped. If that is what he’s aiming for, may we suggest the ‘burning down the house’ prank next. Except he should actually burn down the house. That’ll do it.

The video you are about to see may be too sensitive for some of our readers, so please watch  it at your own discretion.