BoholIsland– the most beautiful of the Philippine islands

When traveling to the Philippines, BoholIsland is the best choice for many people. BoholIsland is the 10th largest island in the Philippines, the most beautiful of the more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, and a paradise for the world’s divers. About 70 kilometers from cebu mactan, it is a coral island, a beach made of broken coral, not fine sand like flour, but cool to step on even in the scorching sun. The beach is white and white, reflecting the water in distinct layers, near is shallow green, the distance is deep blue.


There are exotic chocolate mountains, the world’s smallest miniature tarsier, underwater cliffs that drop 3,000 feet, and lovely dolphins. There is no obvious rainy or dry season. The coast is generally warm and dry, while the interior is wet. Typhoons don’t happen very often, they only happen in a hurry from June to October. The average temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


Peppermint island’s most famous attraction is the alluring sounding chocolate mountain. Due to the complex and coincidental geological changes here, 1,268 cone-shaped mountains formed in the middle of peppermint mountain long ago. These mountains are 40 to 120 meters high. Chocolate hill is made up of limestone, but there is no cave system or underground passage common in limestone areas. The hills lay close together like haystacks in a field. Some have domes, others are tapered. They are covered with wild grass and are green in color during the rainy season. Every summer, the haystacks dry up and brown like rows of chocolate on the ground, hence the mouth-watering name chocolate mountain.


There are many legends about chocolate mountain, the most touching of which is the story of giant arago. Legend has it that alogo the giant fell in love with alaya, the most beautiful girl in the area. When alaya was bathing in the river before her marriage, arogo couldn’t resist snatching her home. Unfortunately, alaya died of a heart attack because she was afraid of what alogo looked like. The giant wept and died, and his tears turned into chocolate mountain. Another legend is also interesting. There were two giants who fought for days and threw stones at each other. When they were finally exhausted, they made up and left the island, leaving behind a chaotic scene of fighting.