Boy Honors His Fallen Father In Heartbreaking Photos

These poignant photos of a boy, whose father was killed in the line of duty, is striking a chord with social media users.


A nine-year-old boy, Ethan Vincent, had always looked up to his brave policeman father,Louisiana Senior State Trooper Steven Vincent, growing up. His dad always seemed so willing to help out everyone in their community, and he always told his son to do the right thing.


So when dad was killed in a routine traffic stop, little Ethan was inconsolable.

In a way to pay tribute to his late father, he turned to photographer April Reeves. Together they created a moving series of remembrance photos.

In the images, Ethan wears his father’s trooper hat. Reeves also incorporated the fallen officer’s flag and some additional imagery in the pictures that she surprised the family with. She said they loved the finished result.


“In the end, I hope that I have given Ethan something tangible in this horrible tragedy to hold on to,” Reeves said, adding, “Ethan is so proud to be his father’s son, and that is beautiful.”

When you see Ethan standing proudly with his father, it becomes obvious that though he may be gone, he will never be forgotten!