‘Brewed With Love’ Ad Shows Men Cradling Their Beer Bellies Like Pregnant Moms-To-Be

We’re used to seeing images of glowing, pregnant moms as they lovingly gaze at their growing bellies, but a German beer ad turns this idea on its head.

As an alternative of the use of conventional male fashions, Bergedorfer Beer created a “Brewed With Love” campaign that shows more realistic male models posing as moms-to-be, lovingly cradling their beer bellies.


Everyone knows that beer isn’t the most productive factor to drink for those who’re looking to deal with a wholesome way of life. However, that doesn’t stop this alcoholic beverage company from using chiseled and perfectly toned models in their ad campaigns.


It’s all done out of love… Let’s see how funny they find it when they have to give birth…