British Inventor Breaks World Record In Jet Suit

Wearing a body controlled jet-powered flight suit in Brighton, England, inventor Richard Browning recently broke his 2017 flying record of 32.02 MPH by flying 85 MPH.


Dressed in a jet suit, Richard left a trail of sparks as he flew at 85.06mph at Brighton pier. It was guinness world records day, and guinness world records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday was there to witness the results. “No one is as adventurous as Richard Browning,” he said.


Richard is the founder of a British technology company that designs and manufactures jet suits. Richard said: “to achieve this on guinness world records day is really exciting. Since we flew at 32 miles per hour two years ago, we’ve made a lot of changes to the jet suit. It’s a completely different suit.”