Can We Go To Bed Right After Bath?

It’s best not to go to bed right after taking a shower. Although both bathing and sleeping are very common things in our lives, that’s why so few people notice. Just wash bath, the body is in a kind of excited state, fall asleep immediately, bad to haemal circulation, can rest appropriately 20 minutes. After taking a bath, it is better to drink a cup of warm water or milk. After resting for 20 minutes, it is better to sleep.

Don’t fall asleep immediately after taking a bath. Your body temperature rises after a bath, which is bad for the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. And if the head is not dry hair to sleep, it is easy to appear headache symptoms, affect the quality of sleep.


So what’s the best time to take a shower? It’s better to fall asleep after an hour or two of showering. Sleep tends to come after a drop in body temperature, and a hot bath raises the body temperature, delaying the release of “sleep hormones” from the brain. If you can only shower before bed one day, cool your forehead with a wet towel for five minutes after the shower to bring your body temperature back down to normal levels and get to sleep as soon as possible.

In addition, bathing every day is not recommended in winter. Winter is generally cold and dry, so you don’t sweat as much, so you don’t need to take a shower every day. Take a bath too often, the protective bacterium community that can secrete on the skin surface and normal parasitize on the skin surface washes off, the cuticle layer that hurts the skin easily, cause skin to itch, the resistance of the skin also can weaken, get sick easily instead.