Can Yogurt Take The Place Of Milk?

Yogurt is the fermentation of milk products, milk and nutritional value of the same, just need to add probiotics fermentation ingredients, so more than some of the beneficial bacteria in the frozen yogurt, moreover after fermentation, the lactose in milk composition is lactic acid by microbial decompose, this is not a bad thing, for some “lactose intolerance” serious people, instead, choose yogurt may be better.
The nutritional value of yogurt:

Yogurt inherits the nutritional ingredients of milk, and yogurt is also rich in high-quality protein components in milk. The amino acid structure and proportion of their proteins are very close to that of human body, and the absorption rate is about 95%. 100g yogurt can provide about 2.5g of protein. Yoghurt is also rich in a variety of minerals, such as 100g yoghurt can provide 150mg potassium element, 85mg phosphorus element, magnesium element 12mg, the most prominent element is calcium element 100g contains 108~118mg, with yoghurt supplement daily calcium, protein can replace milk. Yogurt also contains a variety of fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin B group, vitamin D. Frozen yogurt contains beneficial bacteria. Although not enough to improve the microbiota of the gut, when it enters the body, it releases enzymes that help improve the digestion and absorption of food and relieve diarrhea caused by constipation or indigestion.

When is suitable to drink yoghurt?


It is ok to replace milk with yoghurt, drink yoghurt when breakfast like, additional, the lactic acid in yoghurt and the lactose in milk are same the composition that breaks down energy slowly, they can let food digest speed is slowed, raise satiety. So if the hunger in two meals can be appropriate to drink some yogurt, compared to eating snacks, drink web celebrity milk tea can be much better, not only supplement nutrition, improve the feeling of satiety, also won’t absorb too much heat, fat. However, yogurt and milk are the same, dairy products are not suitable for too much consumption, the daily recommendation of 300g or so, too much dairy intake will cause the metabolic burden of the liver and kidney, can also lead to thionine intake too much and cause calcium loss.

Yogurt choice

Now sell most belong to the “flavor of yogurt yogurt, in order to satisfy everyone’s taste is required, add more sugar, essence, grease and other ingredients, the yogurt belongs to high sugar food, especially for patients with diabetes, high blood sugar is very bad, long-term drinking can also cause the risk of obesity, such as the quantity of heat of a 200 ml bottle of yogurt there are about 200 to 250 calories, it can be to jogging 30 ~ 40 minutes before consumption. Recommend you to choose more “plain yogurt”, read the nutrition label, if there is added glucose, sugar, sucrose and other components had better choose less.