Canadian Teachers Earn One Of The Highest Salaries In The World

A new report says Canadian teachers are among the highest paid in the world compared to educators.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, a grouping of 34 rich countries, released its “Education At a Glance” this week.

“Canadian teachers are highly paid: Canadian teachers with 15 years of teaching experience earn the highest salaries in the OECD, at $90 per teaching hour for secondary school teachers, or more than $65,000 per year,” the Canadian part of the data concluded.

“In OECD countries, the average hourly wage for primary school teachers with 15 years of teaching experience and with special qualifications is $53, $63 for secondary school teachers and $71 for general education high school teachers. In Canada, elementary school teachers make $84 an hour, and high school teachers make $90.


Canadian secondary school teachers earn an average of $66,700, putting them in fourth place internationally, behind Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Ontario teachers approved a tentative three-year agreement that includes a 1.5% pay increase over the term of the contract. In Toronto, elementary school teachers currently earn between C $42,283 and C $55,404 a year, with a top salary of C $94,707 a year, or about US $71,000.

Canada also spends more per capita on primary, secondary and post-secondary education than the OECD average.
The OECD report also notes that Canadians are well educated and that 54 per cent of adults have advanced degrees, “the highest proportion among OECD countries (the OECD average is 34 per cent).”