Can’t Hide A Muffin Top? Flatten Your Belly With 5 Yoga Moves

But sit still for a long time, food does not pay attention to, let adipose thorough encroach on your abdomen, do not wear loose clothes to be able to see his bulge small belly, this is to love beauty girls, it is unbearable. Can’t hide a muffin top? Go for it. Learn the following 5 yoga moves to eliminate belly fat, flatten the belly and beautify the belly by targeting your external oblique.


1. The standing forward bend pose has a strong effect on the waist and abdomen. Practicing it every day can quickly eliminate the excess proud flesh in the waist and abdomen, and can easily get rid of the belly. The first two legs straight and together, the knee as much as possible control do not bend, then the body downward force, rely on the body’s explosive force, directly on both legs.


2. Crescent moon, seemingly simple action, not only can strengthen the strength of the abdominal muscles, but also can accelerate the burning of fat in the lower abdomen, so as to enhance the sense of lines in the lower abdomen. First kneel to the ground, make sure the calf and instep can stick to the ground, then step out of the right leg, so that the right leg of the calf can be vertical to the ground, finally bending back, the right hand to grasp the left leg of the ankle, the left hand straight behind the left.


3. In the camel pose, first kneel on the yoga mat, then slowly bend back from the part above the knee, and finally wrap your arms around each other and extend towards the ground, keeping both legs still the whole time. Camel style can not only tighten the back, soft waist, but also exercise the muscles of the lower abdomen, enhance the elasticity of the lower abdomen, quickly get rid of the lower abdomen proud flesh, let your lower abdomen back to the tight line.


4. Legs around the head type test with the flexibility of the body, yoga is good for abdominal and hip lifting and stretching, especially for women, is beneficial to reduce the waist and abdomen proud flesh, in shaping the 3 d of the abdomen at the same time, also can build attractive small pretty waist, from the sitting position, support back ground with one hand, another hand forward, around the left leg, support in the front, right leg straight up, left leg back, knee bends, stretch of the leg to the right.


5. Finally, return to lie on one’s back position, spread two legs, bend to double foot and together do cordage type, this movement is simple convenient, practice everyday, can exercise muscle of small abdomen, enhance flexibility of small abdomen, quickly shake off small abdomen proud flesh, let your little abdomen return tight send a line.