Cat Whose Neck Was Broken Gets New Life with A Special Wheelchair ,And He’s still loving


Emerson is proof that  animals are still eager to love despite a history of abuse, and now he’s found has found a loving home.

Heather Miller, executive director of the Houlton Humane Society, believes every animal deserves a chance. Among her many rescues are Emerson who gets around thanks to a special wheelchair, and Kino, a massive St. Bernard with congestive heart failure who was saved from a meth lab.

Ten-year-old Emerson is not like other cats. He came into the Houlton Humane Society(HHS) in August 2014 having suffered serious damage to his spinal cord and a snapped neck, according to his owner and Houlton Humane Society Executive Director Heather Miller.Those injuries left him without the use of his back legs, the inability to urinate and chronic issues affecting his ability to eat and drink on his own.


He was adopted by Heather Miller.With the help of his new family, Emerson gets new life with specially designed wheelchair. Because of his paralysis, he has to wear a diaper. Miller outfits him with special onesie to make sure everything stays in place.

Just in case anyone forgets, Emerson has a special pennant letting the world know he's Number 1.

Just in case anyone forgets, Emerson has a special pennant letting the world know he’s Number 1.


Emerson loves life now.Miller takes him to work with her every day,and he is sweet, friendly and very affectionate, even with strangers. Despite all he’s been through, Emerson is extremely friendly and forgiving, a quality Miller says people find inspiring. “The fact that a person did this to him but he’s so lovable to everyone he meets is a quality that a lot of people could learn,” Miller says. “He’s just happy all the time. I get a lot of messages from people who are disabled, and Emerson makes them realize it’s okay and they can get through it. I like reading those because I feel like he’s making a difference.”

catster-emerson and friend


Emerson’s won himself a lot of fans, who has 14,000 followers on his Facebook page, and Miller said that she’s known around town as “Emerson’s mom.” “He is my heart, my baby boy,” Miller said. “He has so much personality, and he doesn’t know he’s different.”