Chinese snack latiao goes global

Forget about steamed buns and smelly tofu, and meet the hot new Chinese snack – latiao! The spicy sticks that are enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame on the global palate.


Get closer to their craze for the snack.

“Oh, latiao, I sing the praises of you!” An American client expresses his love on Amazon. Guess what? Latiao has been available on Amazon in America. Latiao, one of the most popular snack in China, has gone beyond Asia, and taken the world by storm!

The cheap “delicacy” is a kind of spicy gluten served as a snack in China. It is made from gluten, the stuff that makes bread dough chewy. The stick of protein is spicy and is commonly sold at roadside stands.

The snack initially leapt to national and international fame when an overseas Chinese student posted a picture of his foreign classmates “enjoying” the snack online.

Several months ago, BBC aired a three-episode documentary on Chinese New Year celebrations in which the two presenters were seen roaming a typical Chinese snack street, with latiao in hands. BBC also estimated that the market volume of latiao could reach 50 billion yuan annually in China. From then on, latiao rose to fame.


But I am shocked by the high price on the page of North America Amazon where Chinese authentic latiao is available. 150 yuan per package? Are you serious?

Of the top ten “Chinese snacks” on eBay, four items are latiao in different packagings, with prices ranging from 10.33 dollars to 25 dollars. And it is even more expensive on Europe Amazon.


Of course Latino is only one  selection of the many snack foods available in China. Well, roam around a Chinese supermarket, you would find it a exciting adventure with lots of interesting things to see. Why not find out all the weird Chinese snack and work up the courage to try those you spot? And don’t forget to share in the comment section with us!