Cold water Mixed With Hot Water To Drink, It Is Ok?

Do you know how much water you need to drink every day to be adequate? Sometimes just boiled water in a hurry to drink someone will be boiled water and cold water to drink, but drink such water after all good?

It seems to be a good way to drink water, but in fact there are great health risks, just boiling hot water, if mixed with cold water to drink, can really drink down quickly, to relieve the feeling of thirst. However, consider that cold water contains bacteria and microorganisms that can enter the body during the drinking process.


First pour half a cup of hot water, 1/2 cup water and turn on the faucet, it can’t do more, don’t think half a cup of hot water can kill the bacteria in the water, is simply cannot achieve, on the other hand, often such water will lead to the bacteria in the water gathered in the zang-fu organs, for the damage to the gastrointestinal tract. People who are prone to problems in their intestines will also suffer from diarrhea and loose bowels due to the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

Of course, if mixed with water to drink, the use of cold water is not drunk before the cold white open, mixed with hot water to drink, pour nothing, this way of drinking water is actually better.

Because cold white boil is the hot water for a long time to cool, in the boiling time has killed the bacteria, chlorine gas purification, mixed with hot water to drink, will not have a problem. And hot water mixed with cold white open drink will not be hot mouth, will not burn the oral mucosa. Here said the cool white open had better not more than 24 hours, if more than 24 hours, or will cause the cold white open has deteriorated. If you poured a glass of water the night before and didn’t finish it, you can add hot water when you wake up in the morning. This water is drinkable and will not cause damage.


Drinking water is an important way of health care, when drinking water matters should not be ignored, such as don’t wait until thirsty to drink water, have a very strong sense of thirst, indicating that has been in a state of water scarcity, need to carry out hydration, the best way to drink water is not thirsty should also drink some.

Must avoid one breath to drink a lot of water, a lot of people feel thirsty, will one breath to drink a lot of water, such drinking way will cause the viscera can not bear to drink so much water, do small drink is the best.

In water, if it is not healthy to against the hot water and tap water to drink, it is easy to lead to bacterial microorganisms harm to the body, only the most critical scientific and reasonable water, these considerations about water cannot careless, regarding the quantity of water, and what can drink thousand boiling everyone also understand, by right of water to get healthy body, if drink in the wrong, is the jokes about health.