Dad Turns His 4-Month-Old Son Into Real, Adorable ‘Elf On The Shelf’

Many children love The Elf on the Shelf to visit their home in December ,but it requires imagination and creativity to be able to convince them to participate.Have you already run out of ideas?

However,Alan Lawrence has taken this Christmas tradition to an adorable new level by dressing up his 4-month-old son Rockwell as his real-life elf. He has posted a series of cute and hilarious situations where Santa’s little helper is causing mischief and a little chaos for the dad of six from Utah.

“ Elf On The Shelf” 1st day visit and he stayed in Lawrence’s family room.


He likes pancakes but he loves syrup more!


Endearing elf woke up Wil from his nap.


Rockwell the elf wrapped gifts for Christmas.


Rockwell the elf likes to go for a drive with Barbies.


Charming Rockwell was caught putting cookies inside the VCR. Uh-oh!


“The Elf On The Shelf” first dinner at the Lawrence’s home.


Rockwell the awesome elf is getting all creative and resourceful.


He definitely loves sweets!


When everybody is asleep, he plays games!


He keeps an eye on everyone.


Rockwell the elf loves taking selfies!


Lawrence said his elf,”doesn’t talk, just sits around watching us and eats all of our food. I’m just glad he’s wearing a diaper. “Rockwell may just be the coolest Elf on the Shelf. Lawrence, added that whether or not this will be a yearly tradition.

Would you make your own version of “The Elf On The Shelf” this Christmas season?Remember, be creative!