Diabetes, Doomed From Fruit? Keep These Four Points In Mind And Eat With Confidence

In the process of diabetes treatment, many people fall into the wrong place, especially in the diet, do not grasp the reasonable method, but easy to bring the influence. For those with high blood sugar, abstinence is the key to stability, but it is not always wrong, if the diet is not correct, the lack of certain nutrients will also affect the health. Many people also think that the emergence of diabetes can not eat fruit, so, got diabetes whether all fruits should give up?

For diabetic patients, is still can eat fruit during the course of illness, to master the correct method to get the fruit of the nutrients, to keep the body healthy, because the fruit contains vitamins, dietary fibre are rich, many people give up all the fruits, directly without mastering a reasonable way to choose suitable for their own or to eat fruit, will bring influence. Therefore, this error can not fall into, as long as the attention of the relevant points, the same can eat fruit.


What problem can notice eat fruit safely?

1. Don’t eat until the condition is stable
Diabetics who eat fruit when their condition is stable can avoid a rise in blood sugar. Many people’s methods are unreasonable. In the process of serious illness and obvious elevation of blood sugar, eating a large amount of fruit will easily affect the illness. If you can wait until the condition improves and the blood sugar is relatively stable, eating fruit will generally not bring significant impact, which is a problem that diabetic patients need to pay attention to if they want to eat fruit.

2. Pay attention to the reasonable control of intake
Diabetics can eat fruit appropriately, but they need to control the amount. Many people fail to pay attention to this problem. If they eat a lot of fruit at one time, they may also have elevated blood sugar in the case of excessive intake.
However, controlling the amount is the premise to keep the blood sugar stable. Generally, the body can adapt to a small amount of intake, consume and utilize the sugar contained in fruits, and the blood sugar will not rise significantly. This is a method that diabetics need to master to eat fruit, otherwise the body may not be able to bear eating too much at one time.

3. Eat fruit at the right time
It is also very important to eat fruit at the right time. Many people always eat fruit immediately after eating. After eating, blood sugar is easy to rise.
Generally, eating some fruit in the spare time between meals can not only increase the feeling of satiety but also avoid the rapid rise of blood sugar. Choosing the right time to eat fruit is also helpful to keep blood sugar stable, otherwise blood sugar may lose control and cause various adverse symptoms.

4. Choose fruits with a low glycemic index
The key to keeping blood sugar stable is to choose foods that do not raise blood sugar easily to get nutrients. Many people eat fruits in an unreasonable way. They always eat some fruits that are easy to increase blood sugar. A small amount of food may cause the phenomenon of increased blood sugar, such as litchi, mango, durian and watermelon. Therefore, diabetics who want to eat fruit should choose those with low glycemic index.