Do Parallel Worlds Really Exist? NASA Scientists Find Amazing Evidence!

According to the New York post on May 19, a team of NASA scientists has found evidence of possible parallel worlds at the South Pole, a mirror world that may have formed at the same time as the big bang and whose physics rules are exactly the opposite of ours.

The idea of parallel worlds has been around since the 1960s, but mostly in science fiction movies and comics. However, a NASA cosmic ray monitoring experiment has found some particles that may have come from parallel worlds.


In the experiment, experts used a giant balloon to lift NASA’s South Pole pulse transient antenna (ANITA) high into the polar sky. Here, the cold, dry air provides a perfect experimental environment without the interference of radio noise. Scientists have discovered that a “wind” of high-energy particles has been reaching earth from outer space.

Low-energy neutrinos with masses close to zero can penetrate the earth completely, but high-energy objects are blocked by earth’s solids. This means that high-energy particles can only be detected “down” from space. However, the particles known as neutrinos detected by ANITA, a NASA scientist, are “moving upward” from earth. The finding suggests that the particles are actually traveling back in time, possibly evidence of parallel universes.

Professor Peter gorham, an experimental particle physicist at the university of Hawaii, points out that the only way neutrinos can behave like this is if the high-energy particle turns into a different type of low-energy particle before crossing the earth and then back again.

The simplest explanation for this is that the big bang 13.8 billion years ago created two universes, the one we live in and the other that, from our point of view, look back in time. Of course, if there were any inhabitants of that parallel world, they would also see our universe as the one that goes back in time.


According to technology magazine new scientist, that parallel world is a mirror image for us, with positive and negative, left and right, and backwards in time. Moreover, according to the daily mail, that parallel universe is contracting, not expanding, and is made mostly of antimatter, not matter.

Professor Peter gorham described the strange phenomenon, noting that he and other researchers had observed a number of such “improbable phenomena”. However, some are skeptical. “not everyone accepts these hypotheses.” Professor gorham told new scientist.

“We’re facing either the most exciting possibilities or the most boring.” Said ibrahim shafa, another researcher in the experiment.

Professor Peter gorham says he and his team are analyzing the data and preparing a formal research paper. “We don’t know how to present it yet, but we’ve found something.”