Do Women Lose Fat Or Get In Shape First?

Reduce weight should reduce fat first then undertake model again, only thin came down, ability is effective model to the body. In fact, weight loss is generally the first step to reduce fat, the second step to shape.


1, Reduce fat, is the main goal of weight loss
Eighty percent of the effort to lose weight, is used to deal with fat above. The effect that reduces fat is systemic sex, should put in the first place that reduces weight. If this is not done, the rest of the process cannot be carried out. Besides, fat did not reduce go down, weight still is same as before, anyhow cannot call to reduce weight.
The key to effective fat loss is to do it the right way. Losing fat requires eating fewer calories and exercising more, both of which are like two wings of a bird, without which it cannot fly.
The second key to fat loss is persistence. I am against using extreme, even ascetic methods to lose weight, but a certain amount of willpower is needed. Especially when you are faced with delicious food, stomach has rumbled can not eat, after a day’s work has felt very tired, but also hard to exercise, your resistance will double. Most of the failure to lose weight is from this moment on, the in the mind to think a little “why”, everything is lost.
Therefore, I suggest before starting to lose weight, it is best to find yourself a great source of motivation, no matter how disgusted you are, how not to support, can be through this source of motivation for their own encouragement, fuel. If weight loss is a lifestyle that will be with us for the rest of our lives, then it’s best to find the “nuclear power” to keep moving forward and savoring the good life in the process.

2, shape, to make the body concave and convex
Lose weight, although what reduce is adipose, cannot leave the action of muscle however. Because under the skin, muscle and fat are as interdependent as fish and water. They participate in the process of heat consumption, all have the role of heat conversion, just the process of a first one after.
From the point of view of physical beauty, simple loss of fat, the body may be relaxed, not as fat when good-looking. At this point, it is necessary to exercise the muscles to tighten the skin and let the body regain the sense of line. Women are not naturally as muscular as men, so don’t worry about becoming a muscle woman. As long as it’s not oversized exercise, women build up their muscles and get more and more fit. Only with good muscles can beauty be more than skin deep.

Difference between fat reduction and plastic:


1. Different purposes
Weight loss: weight loss is the loss of excess weight, weight as an effect measure.
Model body: model body is to let the body redundant part become thin, the part of excessive thin and thin plump, the body part that askew gets correction to wait. Take the size change of the target part as the measurement standard.

2. Different types
Lose weight: be aimed at overweight only, belong to extensive type.
Model body: model body is not satisfied with the symmetry of the body, belong to the re-elaboration of the body shape.

3. Different effects on health
Reduce weight: the method that reduces weight is a lot of, it is healthy not necessarily, some medicaments reduce weight, machine reduce weight, go on a diet reduce weight, operation reduce weight still can cause serious harm to health, some women even because reduce weight and amenorrhea, lose fertility, cause the body to accelerate ageing.
Model body: model body is healthy, only healthy ability bodily form is graceful appearance, skin is tender and beautiful.

4. Different functions
Lose weight: method is a lot of, but the effect that aims at the body has only one however, reduce body weight namely.
Shape: the method is not much, is qigong suspended moxibustion with acupuncture point massage, acupuncture, bonesetting, buck, scrapping, etc., but it is very much on the role of the body, including the thin face, thin neck, thin JianBei, thin belly, waist, legs, breast enhancement, hips, carry buttock, scoliosis correction, pelvic tilt correction, bowlegs correction and kyphosis correction, etc.

5. Different difficulty levels
Reduce weight: technical content is inferior, have a meal less to be able to do, easier.
Body shaping: high technical content, such as breast enhancement, buttock, thin waist, thin leg, thin neck, thin face, pelvic spine correction. It’s harder.