Do You Know These Customs In Australia?

1. About small animals

Australia has a clear animal protection law. In the isolated continent of Australia, there are not only common animals in the outside world, but also many unique species. And after years of legislative protection, the animals here are simply fine! In many cases, not only are humans not allowed to bully them, but sometimes even when they do, you are not allowed to fight back.

According to PETA’s website, the penalties for animal abuse, which include imprisonment, a fine, a multi-year ban on pet ownership and voluntary labor by a nonprofit organization, apply to all cases of intentional or unintentional animal abuse. Offenders in Queensland, which has the longest sentences and the highest fines, can be sentenced to up to seven years in prison and fined up to A $235,000.

2. The concept of time

Australians attach great importance to punctuality, so it is best to negotiate in advance and be punctual when meeting local people. Dinner is formal. If you are invited to dinner, be sure to bring some gifts, such as a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine.

3. Privacy issues

It is well known that foreign countries pay much attention to privacy. When you see a cute baby in Australia, don’t take photos and share your moments. Under Australian law, it is illegal to photograph a child under the age of 14 without parental permission.

4. About meeting people politely

Australians like to greet each other with a handshake and address each other by first name, which makes them feel relaxed and warm. Most Australians are very talkative, even with strangers can communicate without any obstacles, do not think people are too boring, this is actually an Australian way of communication, many years later you will even find that many of your friends are such a chat up.