Drinking Wine Is Healthier Than Eating Grapes.

We all know that wine has a health-care function. It contains a lot of nutrients, and it also has health-care active substances such as flavonoids and phenolic substances, which help us to sleep, beauty and longevity.


The grapes we eat as fruits are usually table grape varieties: most of these grapes are large in size, thin in skin, low in seed or lack of seeds. Although they taste sweet, the actual sugar content is not high compared with wine grapes. The grapes used for winemaking are customarily called wine grape varieties. Most of these varieties have smaller fruit pieces and more seeds, and most of the skins are thicker. Its sugar content, acid content and phenolic content are generally higher than table grapes.


During the fermentation of the wine, the grapes are fermented with the flesh of the belt. The fermentation process effectively dissolves the phenolic health-care substance components in the grape skin and seeds into the wine.The activity of these ingredients is significantly enhanced in the specific medium of wine, which strengthens the health care function, which is the effect that can not be achieved by eating fresh grapes anyway.


The complex and magical fermentation process not only turns the berry into a liquid, but also gives the liquid a brighter color, a richer and more elegant aroma, a more harmonious alcohol and an endless taste.In particular, the nutrient and health-care functional ingredients unique to wine grapes are skillfully dissolved in the syrup, which is more conducive to the absorption of the body and the biological activity.


Therefore, drinking wine will bring more benefits than eating grapes.