Eating Hot Food Often May Cause Esophageal Cancer

The patient of a lot of esophagus cancer, there is in dietary habit like to drink very hot water, like to drink very hot soup, like to drink very hot congee, a lot of just cooked congee average person is can wait until cool come down to drink again, and they often cannot wait to do not care, accordingly, after a few years discovery suffers from esophagus cancer.


Then why does the person that loves to eat very hot food change easily esophagus cancer? How to prevent it?

First of all, we will understand the human esophagus, a lot of people have mobile phone instructions, there are all kinds of electrical instructions, but there is no manual of their own body, therefore, do not understand their own body organs and tissues, so what is the composition of our esophagus? How does it work? The esophagus is the digestive tract that connects the mouth to the stomach. It is the place where all food must pass. The esophagus is a cavity, and the inner wall of the cavity is composed of a layer of mucosal tissue, which is very fragile and thin, and at the same time, the esophagus has to move. When food passes through the esophagus, the esophagus must move to get it into the stomach.

Esophagus problem is to start from the layer of mucosal tissue, we all know the fact that when a cup of boiling water poured into the skin, the skin immediately red blisters, even is getting burned, but we have a layer of skin to protect the skin, and the esophagus mucosa is no protection, so the temperature of hot water will make mucosal injury, and the people once a habit, you will last forever, may be short term will not have what problem, but, over time, the esophagus is so long, repeated stimulation of repeated damage, would be a big problem, previously may be characterized by inflammation, but people do not seriously, Slowly, it became cancer. And all this was done unconsciously.

Wait until there are swallowing difficulties, breathing difficulties, people began to thin, hoarseness and other symptoms, will go to the hospital, and the examination is often the middle and late stage of esophageal cancer. And esophageal cancer is very torture, very painful, and, will also be transferred to the body’s various organs, after experiencing a lot of painful suffering, finally can not eat, nutritional failure and death. So there are two types of cancer that are very debilitating, one is lung cancer, which is eventually suppressed, and one is esophageal cancer, which is starved to death.


So how do you prevent esophageal cancer? In fact, the most fundamental is to promote resistance and immunity, at ordinary times more protein and vitamin C in the diet, and intake of carotene, protect our esophagus mucous membrane, the usual eating habits don’t to drink the water temperature is higher or the soup, more should eat less junk food, because these food will destroy our esophagus. At ordinary times, we should maintain a positive and optimistic mood, because a lot of cancers are related to emotional anxiety, a lot of tension, anxiety factors, esophageal cancer is no exception, so the prevention of cancer should start from the young, rather than wait until the old age to begin to pay attention to.