Eating It In Summer Can Beautify And Prevent Disease

What fruit should summer eat? The answer is lemons. Women can’t live without lemons. In fact, 33 percent of women’s perfumes use lemon oil. About 1000 lemon peel can be extracted 1 pound lemon oil, one of the best Bergamot oil native to Italy, derived from lemon tree skin balm, happy, cool and fragrant aroma, green fragrance with sweet fruit, has the feeling of pure spirit of fresh, it is used in many high quality perfume, most is to make of its scent is pure and fresh feeling.



Known as the “beauty fruit king” lemon, since ancient times is the European skin care products. The lemon decontamination ability is strong, does not harm the skin, is beneficial to the skin moistens the white, is the woman’s pet. It has sour the brand of acid, throughout the year, it is difficult to separate from our lives. In addition, compared with other fruits, it can be called a small lemon fruit, from the skin to the flesh of the fruit can provide us with a practical can be discussed in a thick book.

Lemon is a kind of food that has quite tall hairdressing value, have the curative effect of beautiful white not only, and its distinctive fruit acid component can soften corneous layer more, make the skin becomes beautiful white and be full of burnish. Citric acid can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and is an important industrial material for making lemon balm, moisturizer and shampoo. If often use a number of cosmetics containing lead, a long time to the health of the skin adverse, easy to form on the skin pigment spots affect the appearance. Use a lemon moisturizer or moisturizer to effectively destroy the chemical reactions that occur on the skin, thus keeping the skin smooth and tender.


Lemons also prevent disease:
1. Cold prevention: 3-4 lemons, peeled and sliced; Garlic 400g, peeled and steamed for 5 minutes, then sliced; Ginger, 100g, sliced. Add 70ml of honey to the top of the ingredients and soak in 800ml of wine. Filter and drink after 3 months.
2. Cough, sore throat: lemon 60~100 grams, radish 160 grams, carrot 400 grams, honey amount. Cut the ingredients into thin pieces, press the juice into the juicer, add honey to drink.
3. Loss of appetite: the right amount of lemon juice, boiled water.
4. Pregnancy vomiting: fresh lemon 500 grams, peel, core, cut into pieces in a casserole in sugar marinate 1 day. Wait for the sugar to soak, simmer until the juice is dry, wait for the cold mix in a little sugar, put in a bottle for later use, take 1~2 tablespoons when vomiting.

5. Hypertension: astragalus 20 grams, 3 cups of water about 30 minutes, lemon 1 juice, will be mixed with lemon juice, morning and evening.
6. Hyperlipidemia: 3 lemons, sliced; Mushroom 50 grams, honey 1 cup. Soak in 1800 ml of wine for one month, then filter and take 10 ml of wine twice a day.
7. Coronary heart disease: lemon 1, slice, with honey 3 spoons stain thoroughly. Take 5 tablets at a time, add cornmeal porridge to serve internally or take alone.
8. Gout, neuralgia: 60 grams of lemon, 80 grams of asparagus, 300 grams of carrot, 100 grams of celery. Cut up the feeding material, add cold water into the juicer to squeeze juice, 10 ml each time, add the appropriate amount of honey to drink.
9. Physical fitness:
Lemon juice 20 grams, grape juice 15 grams mix, with cold water 1 cup to drink.
Lemon juice 20ml, cod liver oil 10ml, skim milk powder 10g, with half a cup of boiling water.