German Male Nurse Was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Killing 85 Patients

The murder of a nurse in Germany shocked the case on the 6th in the Oldenburg court in Germany. The German male nurse Niels Hegel was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 85 patients and was not released early after 15 years in prison.


This case is considered to be the most serious murder case in Germany after the war. German law stipulates that a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment can usually apply for parole after serving 15 years in prison, but if the judge decides that the crime is particularly serious, he can postpone parole indefinitely. On the 6th, the court decided that the case was extremely serious and “breaked through all the bottom lines.”

Hegel was accused of murdering 100 victims, but 15 of them did not convict him. In 2015, Hegel was sentenced to life imprisonment for deliberately injecting drugs into two patients. But subsequent investigations and autopsy found more victims.


Hegel worked in the hospital intensive care unit in Delmenhorst and Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. He injected high-dose drugs into critically ill patients between 2000 and 2005, causing the patient to die of heart failure. According to reports, Hegel’s motive is to create a critical care emergency to show his ability to save the patient from sudden death.

De Xinshe quoted a psychiatrist as saying that Hegel had personality disorder, lack of shame, guilt, remorse and compassion, but did not reach the level of mental illness.