Glued To The Wall, A Banana Sold For $120,000 And Was Eaten

One banana stuck to a white wall sold for $120,000 and has sold three already! Can you believe it? To the gallery owner’s chuckle, the piece was free from theft because it was just an ordinary banana.


What does a $120,000 banana taste like? According to NBC news, an American performance artist came to art Basel Miami Beach on the afternoon of December 7, eating a $120,000 banana artwork and screaming “yummy” on Instagram.

The comedian, a work by Italian artist maurizio catellan, is on display at art Basel Miami Beach. The piece consists of two parts: a piece of gray tape and a banana. Agence france-presse said the eaten banana was part of a work by Catalan that had been bought by a French collector for $120,000.
The performance artist, David Datuna, walked up to the work, removed the banana and ate it on the spot, the report said. The move caught the attention of the audience.


David later posted a video of his action on Instagram, which he called an “art show” called “hungry artist”. In addition, David mentioned, “I love maurizio Catalan’s art, and I really like the setting. It’s delicious.”

Miami Beach police spokesman ernesto rodriguez said Tuesday that no action was taken against David. Lucian terra, a spokesman for the gallery responsible for the work, said there had been no complaints about the artist. The artwork comes with “instructions” and the bananas can be replaced if necessary, terra said.


Referring to David’s consumption of the banana, terra said it would have no effect on the value of the work because the banana could have been replaced if necessary. “He didn’t destroy the art,” Mr. Tella said. “the banana was creative.”