Golden Retriever Smiling On Command Will Definitely Make Your Day!!!

Does your dog perform any cool tricks?In a newly uploaded video to Facebook, one Golden Retriever has proved why dogs are even better than humans.

Smiling naturally on cue for the camera can be a difficult thing for many people to achieve, but one smart dog in China has proved this is no problem for him.That’s because the clever canine has learned how to smile on command. In the video below, Dior is seen posing for a photograph and breaking into a gigantic grin when instructed.The clip is short, yes, but odds are you will be playing it on repeat about 100 times, let’s be honest.

#拍照笑一個 來嘛!別繃著臉,拍照要笑一個呀 :)來自用戶@Dior、迪奥

Posted by 美拍 on Tuesday, November 17, 2015