Grizmann Announced His Departure From Atletico

On May 15th, Atletico Madrid officially announced that Gritzman will leave the team this summer. From the current situation, the World Cup champion is getting closer and closer to Barcelona.
At the same time, Delicht is gradually approaching Barcelona. In addition, Robben’s departure from Bayern and De Rossi’s departure from Rome also touched the hearts of the people.


Atletico’s core player, Gritzman, is ready to start a new journey.
On May 15, the Atletico Madrid officially announced that Griezmann will leave Atletico after the season.
Griezmann joined Atletico Madrid in 2014 and has scored 133 goals in 256 games to help the team win a Europa League champion, a European Super Cup champion and a Spanish Super Cup champion.
At the World Cup in Russia in 2018, he won the World Cup on behalf of the French team. And he has revealed that he had received an invitation from Barcelona before the start of the Russian World Cup.


This decision decided to leave the team, because the contract between Gritzman and Atletico will expire in 2023, Barcelona will take him by paying 120 million euros of liquidated damages, signing with him for five years.
Gritzman himself also posted a farewell video on social media, he said in the video,
“I have spent a wonderful five years at Atletico Madrid. Thank you for all this. You are always in my heart. I want to tell you that I have decided to leave and I want to meet new challenges.”
Not long ago, the Uruguayan international Godin, who played for Atletico Madrid for nine years, also announced his departure. Now Gritzman also decided to leave. This summer, Atletico will usher in a big turmoil.