How Far Is It Safe To Sleep On Your Phone?

Put the mobile phone at the head of the bed before sleeping, the biggest harm to human body is not radiation actually!

Radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is harmful to the human body. X-ray, CT, etc., all belong to ionizing radiation. Excessive exposure will cause a lot of serious problems.


Mobile phones emit radiation, but they produce non-ionizing radiation. The main effect of non-ionizing radiation on the human body is to produce a thermal effect, that is, to raise the body temperature, which does not cause any great harm to the human body, at least there is no evidence to prove that non-ionizing radiation is harmful to the human body. In addition, the radiation produced by routers, computers, microwave ovens and televisions is also non-ionizing. However, although mobile phone radiation is non-ionizing, you should not put your mobile phone at the head of your bed before you go to sleep. You should not put it too close to you.

Putting your phone at the head of your bed before bed means you’re playing with it before bed. Play mobile phone before going to bed, especially turn off the light to play mobile phone, mobile phone light will stimulate the eyes, causing eye acerbity, swelling pain, tears, and so on, also can cause vision decline, dry eye disease and other problems. Playing mobile phone for a long time before going to bed is harmful to the health of cervical vertebra. There are a lot of people, young, but often cervical pain, cervical problems, and often play mobile phone before bed is a certain relationship.

Although the radiation of mobile phones is non-ionizing radiation, which will not cause too much harm to the human body, it is certain that frequent use of mobile phones will cause adverse effects on the body, especially the brain. Putting your phone too close to your head before going to bed can affect the rest of your brain and disturb your nerves, which can cause problems such as neurasthenia and affect your sleep quality.

If you often keep your cell phone close to your head and you experience impaired hearing, prominent eyes, and numbness in your limbs, your brain health has been affected. Get it checked out as soon as possible.


Mobile phones are electronic products, with the possibility of explosion, although the possibility is small, but not without. After all, a few years ago, a big brand of mobile phones exploded. Having your phone at the head of your bed while it’s charging increases the risk of an explosion, especially if you’re using a poor quality plug board or charger.

When you sleep, keep your phone 1.5 meters away from your body, as far away as possible. The farther you put it, the better you can prevent electromagnetic interference and improve your sleep quality, which is beneficial to your health.

In a word, try not to put the phone on the bed before going to bed, don’t let the phone too close to you. Although mobile phone greatly facilitates our life, but it is only a tool, can not let it kidnap our life, to limit the time to play mobile phone, sleep let it away from their own, so as to reduce the harm of mobile phone to the body.